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Meditation—Then What?

Meditation is all well and good—but then what?

Once you’ve (if you’re lucky) reached a place where thought ceases and/or the voice in your head shuts up, and you’re given a glimpse beyond corporeal existence—then what?

Once you open your eyes and move into your day, how long do you carry that experience with you? How long does the quietude last?

Maybe it’s time to take the next step in your evolutionary process— a rEvolutionary step:

The New Paradigm invites you to step up to the next level of being-ness as a human—a step into homo theikos: the human embodying Higher Consciousness.


New Paradigm Awareness resides in a being that walks around with its eyes wide open, that doesn’t require a special room or any accoutrements to be evoked, and that is fully functioning in daily life.

This Awareness is the presence of the Higher Aspect of the character you call _______. The Higher Aspect is the part of you that chose to take that body and be that character, and will still be there—in energy form and full Consciousness—when the body becomes a husk and your family is standing around at a gravesite mourning ‘you.’

This Awareness is invited once you stop identifying with the attributes of your character—both desirable and undesirable—and recognize that you are not the limited human organism, but something quite Cosmic, or Divine.

This Higher Aspect is waiting for you to acknowledge it, to embrace it, and to welcome its Presence as the guiding force of your existence.

When that happens, all the petty issues of the character become sources of amusement, and you dwell in a whole new experience of Life on Earth.


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