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No going back...

The current situation is an extraordinary Gift—and I hope you're willing to receive it.

We have been stopped cold, in our tracks, confined to our homes and isolated to a great degree. Most of the usual distractions have been eliminated. Many have been brought to a standstill, while others have been considerably slowed down. This all has the potential, if we allow it, to make us more present to the moment, more aware of the difference between the freneticism, the speed of life we'd been programmed to, inured to—always half here, half engrossed in a device, and half projecting (yes, three halves—overload) the next event, next day, next project, next deal, next something/anything to distract us from experiencing ourselves—just that: experiencing yourself, and maybe even your Self.

And what happens when we slow down? An awareness can arise of what the moment is bringing, the opportunity the moment is bringing: to appreciate what's right in front of us, what's showing up for us. And with that awareness and appreciation comes the recognition of what wasn't being appreciated, and the recognition of the awareness that was lacking—and maybe a light goes on, and consciousness shifts, just a little.

And maybe we discover how little we actually need, how restful it is to be quiet, alone with time to reflect on what's really important; how lovely it is to have the time to devote to a creative activity, or spend a quiet evening with a partner or family, or just oneself.

So hopefully, as restrictions are lifted, and more activity allowed, we don't rush back toward distraction, but going forward, carefully decide how we choose to utilize our time and energy: what we want to do with this precious life, who we want to be with, where the value lies.

This is a portion of a message brought by the Ennead on 14 April:

This time is not about 'getting through' the so-called crisis, this is about transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All. So please do not 'mark time,' please do not waste this opportunity, please shift your attention to the highest octave you can imagine and bring that into your personal environment and into your interactions with others.

Raise your vibration—it is your defense and your offense—the power you hold in overcoming those forces that would render you helpless. You are not helpless—in every moment you have the ability to choose where you put your attention, what you do with your energy, and how you will utilize the gifts you have been given.


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