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oh my goodness!

If I'm starting to feel affected by this situation, (not naming it), you could be having a really hard time. Hmm, maybe I do need to name, or re-name what we're going through to frame it in another perspective.

The thing is, what's occurring on the planet right now is happening on many different levels, and even dimensions. So let's find a name that will help to define the moment.

In 1999 I introduced the Evolution Revolution, and in 2017 the Great Transformation stage of that era. Since it's obvious to those operating above the 3D reality that this situation is a giant wake-up call on many levels, and oh-so coincidentally the book (written last year before the hoopla, yet by Cosmic synchronicity published now) uses that sentiment in its title, let's call this stage: 2020—Wake the Flock Up!

As I mentioned, it's getting a little intense for me, and you may be feeling out-of-sorts too. It feels as if my energy field is filtering all the mental and emotional chaos arising in the billions around the world faced with tragedy, hardship, and especially, the unknown. I experience it as 'edginess' and a little irritability. What do I do about it? I relax my body, and take deep relaxing breaths. I bring myself into that centered, still place (not 'meditation,' my eyes are open)—out of connection to organism/character and into pure Awareness; I turn my attention to the trees outside the window, the birds, the clouds. I drink a glass of lemon-water. Sometimes, feeling exhausted, I get into my zero-gravity chair and drift off, or even sleep. I also go out for a vigorous walk almost daily, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the fresh air and views of the mountains and valley all around.

I'm extremely grateful that I can go for a walk or a hike in Nature, while my friend in India can no longer leave her compound, even to shop for food—and the stores are all closed anyway. Imagine being in that position.

If we understand that what's actually happening, beyond appearances, is the metamorphosis of an entire species, and keep our attention focussed on cultivating, embodying, and generating higher frequency energy and MORE LIGHT, we can be gentle with ourselves, non-judgmental of others, and know that by this practice we are birthing a new, more enlightened era for humanity and "transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All."

So be creative! Do that which enhances your joy quotient, and 'accentuate the positive.' You're part of the most extraordinary time ever experienced on the planet.


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