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On Change

This old piece came to my notice, and this is the ideal time to share it. If you understand nothing else about the 'virus' and its impact in the world, understand that it is creating the opportunity we've been waiting for to change everything about human attitude and behavior. And, of course, change begins within each one of us.

On Change

The most important aspect of physical health is flexibility. Rigidity in the body restricts movement, limits activity and enjoyment, and causes pain and inconvenience. On the other hand, rigidity in the mind causes stagnation, stagnation fosters putrefaction, and putrefaction stinks. So why does humankind fear and resist change?

Change is an integral part of life. If there were not those among us who explored the unknown—both inner and outer—we would not have progressed to where we are today. And without openness to change in our thinking and behavior, there is no possibility to enhance our experience beyond that which it is in the moment.

Without openness to change we go through life without living it to the fullest. We miss out on the possibility of experiencing something greater. And there is never a point where it stops. There is never a point where one can say, ”I’m finished. There is nothing further to be done.” Ask anyone who has achieved everything the world has to offer. No matter how much one has or is or does somewhere inside there is the niggling idea that something is missing.

The observation of Nature tells us that change is an integral part of life. Every year in the natural world both flora and fauna undergo change with the seasons. Birds migrate, herds move around a territory as the food supply waxes and wanes; trees shed their leaves and sap retreats in winter only to bud anew as it rises in the spring.

In humans, hair and nails grow—cells die and are re-created continuously. Without change there is no aliveness, yet humankind continues to cling to habit and tradition. Habit is a pattern of behavior that establishes a groove we get mired in. Tradition, or custom, derives from behavior that served a purpose or need at a particular time or place. But when habit becomes addiction we are at effect of our behavior rather than at cause, and when tradition becomes an unthinking act, it no longer serves us.

The evolutionary process is a continual process. How arrogant is it to think that 21st-century humankind has reached the ultimate stage. It’s the same arrogance that believes life on Earth is the only intelligent life in the Universe. Just because we cannot perceive something greater than ourselves with our puny sensory abilities, does not mean it does not exist.

Habit and fear, the desire for security and comfort, all contribute to the problem, but the primary cause is that we are out of touch with our Essential Nature—we have forgotten who we are.

Contrary to the doctrine that tells us we are born in sin and out of sin, we are actually born of Love and meant to be embodiments of Love. Love is the highest frequency known. Love has the power to heal.

It is not simplistic to say ”All you need is Love.” Has it been proven otherwise? Has the idea been attempted on a scale large enough to demonstrate its effectiveness?

Try it. Take it as a challenge or take it as an opportunity. See what happens when you choose to be Loving instead of however else you usually behave. Replace anger, fear, aggravation, contention, frustration, provocation, bitterness, domination, arrogance, anxiety, criticism, complaint, condemnation and judgment with Love, Kindness and Compassion.

Do an experiment in your life. Do it every day for a week and watch what happens. Eliminate complaint, criticism and judgment from you’re speaking and even your thoughts. Say to yourself: “Just for now I am going to accept this. Just for now I am going to be Loving instead of reacting in my habitual way.”

Your whole life will change. And when you see what happens in your own life, you will understand what can happen on the planet. You will understand the potential of merely eliminating the expression of negativity. You will understand the Power of Love.

When Love triumphs over fear in each one of us, only then will Love triumphs over fear in our world.

London/September 2002


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