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Out of Control

I know that many people are having a very difficult time right now, and it’s mainly because of uncertainty.

The whole world is being shaken to its core—and we are being asked to step up into the new reality on offer. But if we haven’t firmly established ourselves in Consciousness, all we can see is the insanity playing out on the world stage, while our emotional bodies are reacting to the appearance of what’s happening.

Despite the fact that politicians are scrambling to restore the status quo—we are not going back, we are going forward—and the change that is being wrought is a profound one.

In the midst of this creative chaos, it’s not unnatural for individuals to feel out-of-control—because we are seeing that we don’t have the control we may wish we had over the trajectory of our lives. So instead of freaking out (consciously or subconsciously) and looking for ways to numb that reaction, what if we look beneath the surface to what’s actually going on?

What if we understood that what’s happening is actually a rearrangement of everything, at an energetic level?

And what if we understood that while we may not be able to control what’s going on out there, we have the power to master our reaction to it, and even function in a way that supports and contributes to the inevitable transformation in progress.

Have you ever been caught by a powerful wave coming in to the shore? I have. And I know the best way to deal with being tossed around or held down by that wave is to relax and let it carry me—because eventually I’ll be thrown up on land.

So I encourage you to relax into this shift.

Deliberately relax your body.

Deliberately relax your attitude about what’s happening.

Deliberately cultivate higher frequency energy.*

Deliberately engage in activity that makes you joyful.

Deliberately accept that you are being offered an opportunity to ‘change yourself & change the world’ and rise to the challenge.

This is history in the making—what an extraordinary time to be alive!

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