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Please—Wake the Flock Up

Please—Wake the Flock Up, is not just a clarion call, but a call-to-arms.

Ironically and synchronistically, it is appearing in the midst of the insanity occurring on the world stage.

Having been observing and monitoring the evolutionary process of humanity since the 60s, and having watched us fail to respond to the wake-up call of the 2008 recession, I know that if we don’t heed the current message things will only get worse. I’m hoping that you care enough to support me in this endeavor.

The contents may be considered a manifesto of sorts, encouraging society to recognize that they have the personal power—and responsibility— to affect the drama acting out on the world stage. In fact, as I state in the Author’s Note: “the only true and the lasting defense against the forces of destruction running rampant, is a critical mass of enlightened consciousness permeating our Quantum Reality.”

Quite frankly, it won’t matter who we elect this year if enough of us don’t change the quality of energy and consciousness we embody, and again scramble to restore the status quo. Something even more dramatic will show up to shock us into awakening and precipitate the necessary transformation of human civilization on planet Earth.

If we do not take this opportunity, if we each of us do not self-reflect and make the obvious changes we see need to happen within ourselves, if we continue to allow the thoughts that arise to generate emotional and psychological suffering, if we continue to be reactive organisms rather than embodying self-mastery, we cannot change what we see in the world because we are COLLECTIVELY CREATING THAT with our unconscious thinking, speaking and behavior.

“Please, my darlings, it's time to go beyond the personal and Wake the Flock Up. Literally, wake the flock (those who came to bring their Light to the world—and this means you) up.”

Let’s do this thing.

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