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Remember 2B Sunny

Acceptance, Surrender & Trust, once embodied, will carry you through whatever life decides to throw at you—to be sure you embody Acceptance, Surrender & Trust :-)

Then, what happens, people call miracles, and I call: the Universe always has your back—if you embody Acceptance, Surrender & Trust.

***Shoutout to Josie, who shot the video. She was sitting on a bench and minding her own business this evening when I approached and asked her, "Would you do me a favor?" She smiled and replied, "Sure!" without even asking what it was! How many times does that happen? We walked off the path, shot the video, and then she told me, "That was awesome, you made my night!" What she didn't know is that those two responses are my all time favorites: Sure! and You made my _____ are Life saying: You're in the groove, babycakes—

just Remember 2B Sunny!***


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