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Step Back

Are you feeling unhappy, distressed, frustrated? Are you angry, confused, bitter? Do you feel lost, or abandoned?

Any of this is the result of being identified with the character called (fill in your name) instead of Consciousness—our True Identity. Distress, confusion, or frustration is always derived from reacting to what shows up with the emotional body or ‘mind’ rather than Awareness—and the resulting stories one starts telling oneself in one’s head.

Right now, in this crazy, demanding time, with the pandemic stretching us all right up to and even beyond our limits, and with the story playing out on the national stage more surreal every day, we are being invited (and pushed) to transcend to a more evolved understanding of our own Nature and the nature of what we call reality.

I never watched the Matrix film, but from the title I imagine the protagonist was trapped in a false construct. As humans on this planet we are subject to the same illusion, and in order to master the game called ‘Life on Earth’ one needs to take a giant step back—out of that illusion and into Consciousness itself. Only then can one find the peace of mind, the stillness of Being, the fullness of Heart, and the clarity that arises when one is free of the programming of the 3D world.

Discovering and aligning with one’s true identity is the only course that can alleviate personal suffering, and move us collectively from destroyers of the planet and ourselves to stewards of the world, who— recognizing our Oneness—begin to value and care for all.

So if you’d like to move yourself out of the mass delusion and maelstrom of fear and anger circulating right now like a shit-storm in society, take a breath, relax your body, still your mind (keep your eyes open), and take an energetic step back, allowing your awareness to move out of your head—then see if you can begin to experience yourself as the Consciousness you are, which exists with or without the body and will continue to exist after the body has run its course.

(If you need more, read the book and let it help you shift your attitude, expand your awareness, and upgrade your frequency—not to mention, transform how you function in the world.)

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