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Stuck @ Home?

What a great time to clean up and clear out!

And I’m not just talking about things laying around, although I’m sure we all have way more stuff than we need—and be very clear: all that ‘stuff’ is actually energy, and if it’s not serving a specific purpose, and not kept in some kind of order, what we have is a huge energetic junk-pit filled with stagnant energy.

Now take a look around at what’s occupying space in your environment and start making choices. Ask yourself and answer the question: what’s actually necessary and/or desirable?

But beyond that, I’m speaking of out-dated attitudes, unnecessary judgment, prejudice and criticism based in unevolved awareness, non-acceptance of what-is, and that old standby and the foundation of everything: identification with the organism/persona, or what’s commonly called ego.

Because that mistaken identity is the basis of all your suffering, and the first obstacle in whatever it is your Heart desires.

If you’d like to transform, metamorphose, or bloom, consider reading Please—WTFU and taking the steps that will open your eyes, your mind and your Heart, and change your life in ways both simple and profound.

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