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Survive or Thrive?

I know that during this remarkably challenging time, each one of us has our own issues to deal with, and perhaps we also have previously ignored personal demons to face. And that’s a good thing, because as that old saying goes: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (Smile here, or laugh out loud)

My challenge happens to be a circumstance in my immediate environment disrupting my sleep and awakening me after only three or four hours of rest. And while I may be able to catch another hour or two later in the day, it feels like something akin to torture when, most mornings, I’m jarred awake after such a short period, and feel physically exhausted and mentally unmotivated for much of the day.

Now the choice I have is to point a finger at (or maybe give a finger to) others, or—and here is where our power lies—choose my attitude and position in relation to ‘what-is.’

And while I have been exploring a myriad of options to ameliorate and/or remedy the situation, the main issue is: to what degree am I mastering the thoughts that arise around this, and to what degree am I choosing to indulge in thought regarding the situation?

Because whenever unbridled thought takes over—even for a moment—I feel pathetic and miserable, while when I refuse to allow those thoughts to intrude on my peace I remain in the state of Consciousness and Self-Mastery that is my default position. And, it’s blatantly obvious that any upset I experience is entirely due to thoughts I choose to think and nothing else.

And that, extrapolated, this is true in every instance, and about whatever you may have going on.

So if you’re having a hard time right now, you can survive by allowing yourself to rest, relax and find activities that bring you peace and/or joy (no judgment at all about that)—or you can exercise your self-mastery muscles in relation to thought, build your acceptance of what-is, and watch as you thrive during the most amazing, transformative time we’ve ever experienced on the planet.

You can certainly choose both: survive and thrive.


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