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The Big Shift

There has been, and will continue to be, a big shift in the energetics we’re experiencing on the planet right now.

While chaos is still apparent all around, things are easing slightly, and there’s also astrological support for the changes that are happening both at a global and a personal level.

If you have been experiencing dissatisfaction with how things are for you, or a vague sense of unsettledness, or a desire to make a change of one sort or another, you’re right in the groove.

And at the same time, you may be feeling complete indifference to whatever’s going on. Whatever you’re experiencing or feeling—it’s all okay. It’s not simplistic to say ‘go with the flow.’ It’s the least stressful way to function. And especially, don’t judge yourself for any action taken or untaken. We’re all in process.

I can’t even tell you how many times during the day I've been saying or thinking: “I don’t care” about something that wants my attention. Nothing is critical except maintaining Awareness—period. And at times like these, the body needs to be treated very gently and allowed to relax, rest or sleep on demand.

It feels to me like another form of the metamorphosis I went through a few years back when I spent most of each day in my zero-gravity chair, feeling like the protoplasmic goop a caterpillar turns into before it becomes a butterfly.

So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, or something you feel you’re being guided towards, or somewhere you’d like to go—start taking steps to do that or go there. And trust. Don’t allow the voice in your head to interfere, move directly to your Heart-space and rest in that frequency.

All is well.


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