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The gift of uncertainty

I encountered a young man on my walk yesterday stymied by uncertainty. What a great place to be. Uncertainty rests in a field of infinite potential—anything is possible, but which way to go?

There are two avenues generally utilized in decision-making: the head and the heart. The former implies the rational, making lists pro and con and determining best logical outcome; while the latter usually references the emotional, being considered irrational but perhaps more fulfilling at another level.

But in the energetic Game of Life, attempting to think one's way through is way too limited—and usually unsuccessful, and the emotional path is always a crapshoot.

Nevertheless, we have other more subtle ways of guidance that have served me quite well through the years, and I offer them here to you:

> Being still, relaxed physically with a quiescent mind, and inviting the 'still, small voice' to arise.

> Using the intelligence of the heart-brain. Again, being still and relaxed with eyes closed. Then imagining an option and placing it in the area of the heart, being sensitive to the sensations that arise. Are they pleasant, comfortable? An indication this path will have a satisfying outcome. If there is discomfort, or no response—not a great idea.

> Asking out loud. It doesn't matter who or what you think you are asking: we can imagine we are speaking to our own Higher Self, to any kind of spirit-being, angel or 'God' itself—asking out loud can bring a great response. It will likely not be immediate—it requires that we keep our eyes and ears open for the signals that will appear in the not too distant future: a flash of inspiration, something one notices, or something someone says. But when it shows up there's no mistaking it—it feels right.

One dramatic example in my own life occurred after four years on the street: I had been given the Gift of Song, and received a sponsorship of $2000 from someone who heard me sing. Returning to Bozeman, I gave the money to my son to hold, determined not to use it except to further the amazing songs being birthed through me. A friend offered me a place to live and then reneged. I was staying temporarily at another friend's place and at my wits end at what to do, or where to go—winter was approaching. For two days I was not just asking out loud, but screaming at God. (To me, 'God' is nameless, formless, Infinite Intelligence.) After forty-eight hours of tears and frustration, the Indian Master who intruded himself into my life in Sedona telepathically called me to India—and thus began the next chapter of my extraordinary journey, which brought me here/now.


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