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the new catchall: "stay safe"

I paid my monthly newspaper bill over the phone today, and at the end of the conversation, instead of being told to “have a nice day,” I was instructed to “stay safe.”

If I thought she’d be able to hear me, I would have responded with the following, rather than the “you have fun” I chose.

“Honey, I am safe and I have no fear. I’ve been taking care of my body for more than half a century, and my immune system is in fine fettle. I eat clean, nourishing, mostly vegetarian food, eschew pharmaceuticals, and refrain from polluting myself with the poison of the media.

I’ve positioned myself to embody Consciousness, am aligned with my Higher Self, and I’m vibrating at a frequency above the 3D morass. I’m about as safe as a person can be whose karma is not to be shot by some madman or run down by a drunk driver.

On top of that, I understand that this ‘virus’ is a gigantic wake-up call for humanity: a big check-yourself moment—who/what do you think you are—and what are you doing with this precious life?

While I will maintain a respectable distance from those who believe they need that in order to ‘stay safe,’ I will not allow any fear-mongering to keep me from embracing those who need human touch right now and recognize there’s something else going on that has everything to do with Consciousness and nothing to do with a viral pandemic.

No, I will not refrain from hugging someone who has not succumbed to the latest programming that—in the name of a virus—attempts to separate and alienate us, when we need connection more than ever to support the re-boot of human perception, attitude and behavior in progress.

I am very ‘safe,’ and the only thing you can catch from me is good vibes.”

Note: I am not encouraging you-all to take any unnecessary risks in regard to your health, or to disobey any directives being enforced in your community.

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