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The power of a smile

My work is to Uplift & Inspire, instill a sense of Higher Identity and Higher Purpose, and guide you toward fulfilling the role you are here to play.

I am also tasked to promote boots-on-the-ground action for the Great Transformation stage of the Evolution Revolution (since 2017). And given this most crucial period of that stage, we need to create a sense of community post-haste, in order to proceed with the transformation in progress as smoothly as possible.

So here are some simple tips in creating a sense of community with people you don’t know, the people who live around you—so-called strangers. It’s a basic recipe of friendliness, that has been overlooked, forgotten or neglected in our fast-paced world where devices have pre-empted so much of our human connection.

During this shut-down period, I get out of the house most days and go to a popular trail right in town utilized by many for walking, running and biking. This is what I do:

I smile at everyone.

The first time I see someone I don’t know, I smile and ask how they’re doing, and often make a comment about what a beautiful day it is. I always make eye contact—I look into a person's eyes and let them know I see them. I acknowledge their existence.

The second time I see that person there’s a mutual recognition—I smile and greet again, and might chat for a moment if there’s receptivity, and/or ask their name, tell them mine.

The third time seeing that same person, a foundation of friendliness has been established. If the situation presents itself, I may initiate a getting-to-know-you conversation, or even broach the benefits of this ‘crisis’—sharing my perspective about the gifts of being slowed down, which many are recognizing and appreciating themselves.

People are waking up, and this needs to be acknowledged and encouraged.

This is also how I interact with those in the stores I frequent—cashiers, managers, stockers, and customers alike. Think: small town, everyone knows each other, mutual caring and support, all in it together—because, as the Family of Man, this is actually the case and how we are meant to be living.

This ‘pandemic’ is much more than it appears to be on the surface: it is an opportunity to make that so on a global scale: “Transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All.”

And it all begins with a smile—yours.


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