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Variety is the spice of life, and diversity is a fact

But what's wonderful about humans is what we have in common: we can all relate to kindness.

Kindness is the place where we can all meet, and where we can connect. Why does it have to take disaster for us to practice kindness in all of our encounters, every day?

The great benefit of the current situation is that it has made us slow down, and in some cases even stop. This slowing enables us to be more aware of those around us, and take the time to engage. A smile, a friendly word, an enquiry, a conversation, takes very little effort yet can yield huge results.

There's a softening that happens when someone feels we care, that they are not an anonymous cipher to us, that we see them and acknowledge their existence, and that we're willing to take a moment and simply be with them.

Human kindness is the way we create community, in fact and in spirit.

"Whatsoever we do to or for each other, we do to or for our own selves."

Listen to Nimo Patel/Superhero:

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