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Wanna Play?

This planet is inhabited by all-sorts: many as part of their evolutionary trajectory, which can be noted by attitude and behavior; some to have an opportunity to express and share a particular talent (read Gift); some to contribute that talent for the betterment of the population, nudging it along in its development; and some as what may be termed a Legion of Light—in Service to the evolutionary process of the whole.

There is no judgment attached to any of this—the bigger, Cosmic story is extremely sophisticated and complex, and frankly, I would not claim to be aware of its magnitude and details.

But I am aware of the Legion of Light, as I am a part of it, and being guided in my work day by day. (You can read some of the back-story here)

To digress slightly: as souls taking human bodies for whatever experience we require or intend on the planet, we have what is termed 'free will' meaning: because we are essentially Consciousness, even though we may not be cognizant of that fact, we can, in a moment of inspiration or insight, become aware of ourselves as Consciousness, which awareness shifts how we perceive everything and enables us to choose how we’d like to proceed with the life we are living.

So, while you may have come to the planet for any of myriad reasons, in this moment, as you read these words, you have a choice to shift your attention, intention, and the direction of your life toward a whole new ballgame: “Transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All.”

If you’re inspired to take part in this most extraordinary movement, take a good look at everything on the website and see if you are called to join the rEvolution. (And feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.)

Change yourself & change the world!


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