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What Now???

The question is: are you doing the work? Or have you gotten sucked into the slipstream of those trying to re-create what was?

Because what was, was very f%&ked up, and we cannot go back. If you are reading these words you are meant to be part of the new wave of conscious beings transforming what was into what is meant to be.


Have you read the book?

Are you doing the work?

Have you upgraded your frequency?

Have you loosened the ties to the persona?

Have you mastered the stranglehold of thought?

If so, well-done you!


Now you get to be a model of the new human, homo theikos– knowing the Love you are, embodying a higher frequency, and bringing that into the world around you.

What you’ve become is an undercover agent. There’s no need to proselytize–the energy you carry and the way you conduct yourself with others speaks louder than words. You become a Johnny Appleseed of the Light-frequency: sowing seeds that will eventually produce fruit. Simply smiling at everyone as you walk down the street is huge—the energetic quality of a sincere smile is uplifting and inspiring, a Gift.

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. I can’t emphasize this enough: you are not your job.

We’re all positioned in the perfect place to play the role we’re here to play, and the essential work is that of contributing the Love-frequency to the Quantum Field. Every kind of work is necessary for the world to function—from bank teller to taxi driver to waitress—grocery stocker, wine salesmen, caterer, gardener, housekeeper, cashier. I’ve done all of these, and never imagined I was ‘less than’ because of the job—I was always the Consciousness, fulfilling a function.

Once you embrace and embody that understanding, you will also understand that it’s true for everybody—and start seeing and acknowledging others as Consciousness and not persona or role.

If there is something in particular you’re meant to be doing the inspiration will come. Just take the time to be still and quiet on a regular basis–you’ll hear whispers. Or you’ll see something that will point you in a certain direction. Meanwhile, if you relax into the acceptance of what-is, and focus on bringing a little Love & Light into every encounter, you’ll begin to experience what I mean when I sing: “I’m livin’ in Heaven on Earth, how about you?”


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