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What's Goin' On???

On a Cosmic level, it's a very powerful time right now, and the effect on our planet and the human population is intense.

The entire Universe—the hosts of Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm, the various Star families, and every inhabitant of the Mother Ships in our part of the Galaxy, are inviting those humans who understand their Higher Nature and/or recognize they are members of the #LegionofLight tasked with transforming the planet, to pull themselves together and focus entirely on the role they came here to play: Embodiments of Love who #UpliftandInspire, and model what a human can be.

This is an epic moment in the history of the world—and you chose to be here for it.

While the forces of distraction may surround you and tempt you to fritter away your life attempting to acquire or achieve, you have come here not to be distracted by the world, but to be part of the most historical event to take place since the seeding of the races: "Transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all"—creating a planet of Peace, Harmony and Plenty.

The very atmosphere is vibrating with enough Love to shift everything in the blink of an eye, but it requires the humans who know they are here in Service to be conduits for that Love, and begin to ignite it in those still dormant. For this transformation cannot and will not be imposed upon you, but requires a critical mass of your human population to effect the change.

If enough of you could just dedicate this one year to the planet and the human race instead of your own personal agenda, if you could choose to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage the Light in each other rather than complain, criticize, pass judgment or continue to live a self-centered oblivious life, you would be astonished at the transformation that would take place right before your eyes. It cannot happen without you.

While the labor of birthing an enlightened civilization may be painful or protracted, the new Life that emerges is worth every moment of the process, and rewarding way beyond anything imagined.

Want to live the most fulfilling, abundant life possible? Get on board—the Love Train is leaving the station and headed for Blissville. Let’s do this thing!


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