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You & Your World

Each one of us is living in our own world.

If we understand that our personal perception of the world is centric-specific to each one, perhaps we can grok that what we perceive is happening FOR us—meant to provide opportunity for self-reflection and the transformation that can arise out of awareness and Awareness.

And, it’s something like a multi-ring circus, all happening simultaneously:

We get to experience what shows up in front of us.

We get to experience our reactions to same: to what extent we are willing to accept what-is—residing in a harmony we’ve established within, and to what degree we are resistant—creating upset in the mental and emotional, and ofttimes physical bodies.

We get to experience how we treat the people we encounter, and how they treat us. Are we grateful for the fact that folks are working at all-sorts of jobs in service to our needs, and do we express our appreciation for that? Are we greeted with a smile because we always bring a little Light and Love to our encounters?

We get to experience how smoothly our life flows, or if there always seem to be obstacles in our path.


Right now, I want to encourage two basic endeavors:

Recognize that you are not the persona—but a Light-being in a body—and do what it takes to experience yourself as an Embodiment of Love,

and then, bring that Love into every encounter throughout each day.

The world is not going to be changed by politics or protest. It is going to be changed by a grass-roots, boots-on-the-ground endeavor: A critical mass of individuals around the world, becoming Aware, being kind to all, and making everyone they encounter feel good about themselves—in their own community, every day.

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