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Energy, World Events, & You

There’s something important to understand about energy, world events, and your reaction/response to them. By embroiling yourself in those events you are simply feeding into that negative energy, and by so doing eliminating the possibility of directing your energy in a way that could actually have a positive effect on what’s happening.

Whatever is going on ‘out there’ is simply a distraction. (Including war, inflation, viruses, etc.) A distraction that keeps your mind and emotions roiling, and prevents you from being centered and peaceful, and a contribution to the Love in the world.

If you would like to use your energy in a positive manner you must ignore everything that disturbs you and focus solely on what you would create: more Love. You can do no good if you allow your emotional body to be activated and distressed by the events you behold—you are simply eliminating yourself as a participant in the process of transforming reality.

Fear & Love cannot exist simultaneously. You cannot generate Love if you embroil yourself in fear (anger or criticism). And you are always choosing to align yourself with one or the other.

Don’t like what you see in the world?

Be the Love.

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