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Old Paradigm or New World Rising?

This is a follow-up to the previous piece: Survive or Thrive? If you haven’t read it yet please do so. (2 minutes) And, actually, I would have you go first to Hold the Vision and Call to Action (1 minute each) before that, as there is a clear progression even though unintentional/unknowing by this writer.

So here we are, globally crippled by this virus, and up in arms about racial inequality, heading on a bullet train into the unknown, with the powers-that-be and many ordinary folks wanting to restore the status quo with all undue haste in an attempt to alleviate the physical, psychological, economic and societal suffering the human species is undergoing on a mass scale.

My own tribulation for the past three weeks running, this sleep-deprivation, has me in moments at my wits’ end, and still without a solution. And I’ve been asking, over and over and over, “On a higher level, what am I supposed to understand about this?”

Following is what just came up—and it came up before, but I was resistant to it in my desire to remedy the ‘problem’ and restore my own status quo of 7-8 hours of sleep at one time. And therein lies the crux: resistance to what-is, justified or not.

As I mentioned in Hold the Vision: Surrender, Acceptance, and Trust are key.


Because when we allow ourselves to accept what-is, we are moving ourselves into a relaxed energy-state which is the opposite of resistance/stress/tension. And as a result, we do not experience that stress, tension or resistance—we experience relief.

And so, in my instance, I am required to not tell myself that there’s something ‘wrong’ with sleeping only three hours, or not at all some nights. That there’s nothing wrong with the fact that my days are not flowing as they were, that I am not ‘accomplishing’ what I may like to be, and that there’s nothing wrong with the fact that I am eating at even odder hours than I had been previously. That there’s nothing at all wrong with my world being turned upside down, being up most of the night and out-of-commission for much of the day, all my functioning out-of-whack.

I am being asked to allow the energy to flow as it will, and to go with the flow, riding that energetic wave as gracefully as I’m able, without any judgment about either self or situation, and make the best of what-is. And this is always the best position to take, although now everything is heightened and more in-your-face.

And also, I’m being guided to understand that this situation is emphatically NOT about this guy running his fan and disrupting my sleep both day and night, or about the fact that the property manager doesn’t give a (insert expletive here) about my discomfort—it’s only and all about me and how I choose to handle whatever it is that shows up in this video game called Life-on-Earth.

Because after all, I have a safe place to be, I have the food I need for nourishment, I have a beautiful environment in which to walk and encounter/uplift others, I have a working vehicle that carries me where I need to go, my living space is filled with plants that are lovely companions, I have the tools I need to do my work, I have access to books to read and things to watch while I work on a new knitting project—can I not find appreciation for all those blessings and simply relax into this energetic rough-weather patch? Yes. I can.

Because as I mentioned in Hold the Vision, we are re-creating the world, and that requires each of us to re-create ourselves in an updated/upgraded version: 2020.1.9 if you will. We are moving into the unknown, and nothing will ever be the same, but we are the ones who have to do the work to make it so—and it’s an inside job.

So whatever the challenge looks like for you, surrender, accept, and trust that the outcome will be something magnificent—both personally and universally—and understanding that it’s a process, go all-in, and choose to relax into each moment, giving yourself the Gift of being in/at Peace, and knowing you are consciously contributing to “Transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All.”

Tonight I think I’ll sleep in my car again, parked in a dark corner of the cemetery.

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